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The part about planning our own career is so relatable for me.

When you choose to take a brave step like you did, many people will find it hard to understand why you choose to leave your cozy, well paying job to "earn nothing".

Even if you don't earn any money, you learn a lot about yourself, you develop new habits and you become a better you.

You are on a good path, my friend. Keep it up.

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One of my realisations during the gap year is that money provides a great deal of freedom when we don’t have to worry about it — at least for an expected and predictable period of time.

The second is that going against the default human behaviour (working full-time) is considered unusual, and as with everything non-standard, it raises questions.

Thank you, Orel. Good luck with your journey! Fingers crossed, as always

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Great article Michał.

I think a big part that leaders miss, is that you can create incentives, and not only financial ones.

You shares a great example for that here are some additional ones that come to my mind:

For some people, competitions are great incentives. So you can gamify some boring tasks, or organize a competition with another team.

For other people a great incentive might be learning about other parts of the business, so you can pair them to PMs, or help them meet customers.

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